Wescone Distribution Pty Ltd



Wescone Distribution is the proudly West Australian owned manufacturer of the W300/2 high speed sample crusher. Wescone has been owned and operated by local businessman Kim Ledger, for over 25 years.

The Wescone 300-3 & 300/2 High Speed Cone Crushers

Voted to be the best minerals sampling crushers available anywhere, the crushers main applications include iron ore, gold, diamonds, nickel and glass.

  • Reduced capital cost
    Simple installation and flexibility of application allows for continuous or batch use in laboratory and plant environments.
  • Increased productivity
    Features a uniquely designed simultaneous double crushing action that assures rapid size reduction and minimises production of oversize discharge.
  • Reduced operational costs
    Single stage crushing, at a 15:1 reduction ratio, increases productivity.
  • Improved quality
    Variable operating speed allows user to tailor the output product size.
  • Decreased installation costs
    Reduced plant infrastructure, easily incorporated into process streams due to its compact design.
  • Automation friendly
    Well suited to incorporation into linear automation systems that minimise manual handling, improve process control and increase productivity.
  • Flexibility of use
    Can be supplied as a ready-to-use laboratory crusher. Laboratory package includes mounting frame, inlet and sample tray.
  • High level motor protection
    IP65 rated electric motor is totally protected against dust ingress and against low pressure water jets from any direction.