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Kim Ledger has been at the heart and soul of the Wescone Crusher innovation since its inception back in the 1980′s. Millions of dollars were expended over many years to perfect it’s design, operation and integrity for use in the mining industry. With the gracious assistance of BHP in Western Australia testing, providing valuable feedback and operational (site) availability in the early years, Wescone soon became an integral part of their efficient iron ore sampling stations throughout Australia’s harsh northwest mining operations and after 20 years their machines are still assisting BHP and Rio Tinto with the sampling of iron ore blends, for export.

Through some very tough commercial years in the early 1990′s until 2014 Wescone sample crushers have been working all round the world…reliable and understated carrying out their duties, both efficiently and effectively. Around 300 Wescone W300/2 machines are currently operating in 10 different countries crushing all varieties of rock, minerals, glass or within small process plants.

Wescone still today, provide the best possible service/turnaround operation for their machines, sale of new machines or spare parts from their Bentley factory in Western Australia. Wescone are ever so proud that every part except the German FAG (specially ground) bearings were designed and are made right here, in Australia. AUSTRALIAN AND PROUD OF IT !

A New Machine is Born! The Wescone W300-3

Early in 2013 Kim and the team at Wescone decided to take a closer look at a number of potential improvements which could be made to the W300/2.
The mighty power of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) was not as readily available in earlier years and all design and development was sheer mechanical engineer calculations from the outset.

In co-operation with Ayrton Sue’s Element Engineering Australia (EEA) who were tasked with updating all of the existing drawings and providing FEA on both the W300/2 and the new W300-3 the Wescone team set about making many improvements. New drawings and manuals for the W300-3 were also commissioned. Most all these improvements during the last 9 months were based around observing the results over decades of servicing, analysing wear parts and making less obvious material and/or mechanical changes with the machine. “We had great ‘insight to help our foresight’ said Mr Ledger of the new component and material designs”

The result today is a machine which can be straight swapped for the old machine (same external and base dimensions) with the amazing improvement +25% crushing efficiency and power reduction of similar at -25%. The machine’s body is more robust and weight has increased around +5% ( about 10kg ) At least 80% of the parts by weight, are not interchangeable with the W300/2.

Wescone will continue to provide service and parts for the older machine however the main frame or body will be phased out during the first few months of 2015

For Sales enquiries on the new W300-3 crusher or service/parts to the older W300/2 machines please contact either:
Joe Biondillo or
Kim Ledger