Wescone Distribution Pty Ltd


The Wescone 300 Series 2 high speed cone crusher is the product of ten years of research and development of the unique and patented Wescone crushing action.

Unique Crushing Action Minimises Oversize Discharge

The simultaneous double crushing action ensures rapid reduction of feed material and minimises production of oversize discharge to typically less than 15%. The centre of the Wescone action is close to the centre of the eccentric mass of the crusher, which means lower out of balance forces allowing higher operating speeds.

Reduced Crushing Times

The W300 Series 2 is normally run at 720 RPM to generate maximum fines for laboratory use, however a reduction in shaft speed produces less fines and a higher proportion of particles close to the crushing gap setting. The W300 Series 2 crusher can match the reduction ratios of an equivalent jaw crusher with a greatly increased throughput. Test and production crushing has produced reduction ratios of up to 20:1 with throughputs up to 1 Kg / Second.

Ability to Process Most Crushable Material

Materials routinely crushed by Wescone operators include iron ore, diamond ore, bauxite, nickel ore, high carbon ferro chrome, silicon slag, coal, manganese, gold ore, cement clinker and glass. These diverse products reflect the versatility of the W300 Series 2 and its ability to handle almost any crushable material and produce a product suitable for further processing, testing or direct use.

Compact, Low Weight, Portable

The compact dimensions, low weight and minimum vibration levels of the W300 Series 2 means the crusher can be trailer mounted with diesel power, operated as a self contained laboratory package with electric drive or mounted in a sample station or robot cell with custom designed mounting frame, feed and discarge chutes and external lubrication pack.

Robust and Reliable

The Wescone 300 Series 2 has become a vital part of the quality control of iron ore exported from Western Australia, operating in robot cells and remote sample stations 24 hours a day during the ship loading. Robust construction of the crusher components with oil lubrication of the all roller and ball bearing design means continuous operation is practical. Liners are either screwed or bolted in place for quick and easy change out and minimum down time.